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How it all started

Kapaali, a name for Shiva, the ultimate outlaw, limitless, formless, transcendent. Pure and auspicious. It is with this inspiration that House of Kapaali was created- to provide not just a boutique lodging experience but one that is soulful. Here, Indian tradition intersects contemporary sensibilities, seamlessly blending the modern and the vintage.

Our guests are those that bypass big hotels for a more warm and personalised experience. We are maddeningly devoted to detail – from the mattress on the beds to the organic toiletries in the bathrooms, everything has been handpicked to create a sacred paradise.


Immediate Success

Madly in love with life, with a penchant for yoga, travel, fitness and design, sisters Mansi and Suhani are the creative minds behind House of Kaapali-a boutique B&B and a chain of Serviced Apartments located amidst the verdant greens of Greater Noida. If Mansi is not contorting into an ashtavakrasana, and Suhani bravely walking in -20 degree Celsius on a frozen Zanskar in Ladakh, they may be fire fighting for their business venture.

During its conception, we had a certain mood in mind that we wanted to give to the space. We believe ‘the devil is in the details’, and that is why each and every piece of furniture and fixture has been sourced painstakingly and emotes the House of Kapaali feeling, creating an experience that is seamless, luxurious, yet at it core, soulful.

Immediate Success

What you seek is seeking you.


House of Kapaali opened it’s doors in 2007 with just two rooms on the first floor of our home. In a little less than a year we had managed to create a small niche in the market space and an expansion plan was undertaken in 2008, alongside adding serviced apartments to meet the growing demand. In hindsight, it seems that we happened to be at the right place, at the right time.

Today we are proud of the fact that House of Kapaali is a name as much synonymous with hospitality as with warm heartedness. The moment you come through the doors, the warmth and energy is all encompassing. In the creative process, knowing that it cannot be forced, we witnessed great collaborations and a synchronicity of circumstances to make it possible for House of Kapaali to weave its story that evolved into a strong narrative.

We take great pleasure in sharing our space, city-knowledge and mornings with you!